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haha, yes. a fandom entry. :P THEY DO EXIST IN THIS JOURNAL! once in a while. *cough*


I just finished watching Togainu no Chi (marathoned it in 2 days. XD)....




WTF? T___T

I suspected it, but I reallyreallyreally hoped to be wrong.... no. I wasn't.

moving on. byebye pretty pretty, oh so pretty Akira....


on a happier note, yuletide seems to have resurrected the fangirl in me! I've read more fanfic in the last few days than in the past two years I think! XD

I am also OBSESSED with two new fandoms/pairings, aka, raking the internets with DESPERATION for fanfic .... though only with rather mediocre success. *SIGH* why is it always obscure fandoms,why?

#1 - I'm almost finished with Tamora Pierce's 'Protector of the Small Quartet' and I'm absolutely in LOVE with Kel/Dom.... are there hints for this pairing in canon? YES! are there very clear signs of attraction between the two in canon? YESYES!
does mara do canon pairings? *cough* we all know she doesn't....so? why does she ship them? BECAUSE THEY DON'T GET TOGETHER AT THE END OF THE SERIES (why yes, hello spoiler...*cough*)! T___T I want them to be together so badly, though. and now I have to look for decent get-together fic that doesn't seem to exist! like, long, well written, plot driven, with action and UST and banter and flirting and 'aw'-moments filled fanfic!

high expectations much? >_> sue me. I have been SPOILED by Harry Potter and Supernatural fandom where such ficcage exists en masse. *WANTS*


oh Voyage of the Dawn Treader.... what have you DONE to me? you haven't really convinced my plotwise, that's for sure. the overall impression was a bit meh, too, though I admit you had your funny moments.
but. you have given me Edmund/Caspian. pretty pretty Caspian....*___* omg, the tension! the rivalry! the touching! and the looks, you guys, the looks. *YEARNS* what am I looking for? ... see above. have I been successful so far? watch my face --> T__T

alas, the search will go on. I have not given up hope just yet!

more on yuletide and fanfic-squee tomorrow. must sleep now. e_e
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