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Birthdate:Mar 17
Everyone smiles in the same language.
~Unknown Author


linguistics student. Swiss. friendly. outgoing. optimistic. cultivating my inner child. energetic. singing. addicted to anime. reading a lot of - and occasionally writing - fanfiction. fandoms are manyfold. loving yaoi and het and moresomes all the same. girl scout. camera happy. calm. posting about rl as much as fannish things. easily amused. travelling at every opportunity I get. smiling and laughing. sometimes drawing. working part time. dirty minded. attracted by the glittery and shiny. always listening to music. talkative. cute, evil, and pervert by nature.

yes, that would be me. ^_^

A note on friending
Feel free to friend me. If I know you, have seen you around lj, or if we have mutual friends I'll most likely friend you back. If I don't know you at all, give me a chance to change that. Comment in my journal, email me, anything goes. Once I get to know you I'll friend you back.

Icon policy
I'm not a big friend of sharing icons, so please don't just take them, even if you intend to credit. If you really like one of the icons I made - which would be those without a comment - get in touch with me, and I might either consider letting you use it or make you a similar one instead.

Because I have more love for this pairing than I could ever put into words:

Wufei and Relena are Passionate Love

where to find more:

Because I can. :P

Yazoo/Kadaj/Loz is More Than Brotherly Love

Current Fandom Interests
which does not mean I won't read or write anything else.
I've actually done so on numerous occasions. :P OTP, what's that?
Also, feel free to show me new/different things. I'm open to pretty much anything. ^_~

Sam/Dean, Jared/Jensen *cough*

Gundam Wing:
Wufei/Relena, any pilot/Wufei, any pilot/Relena, Zechs/Relena

Harukanaru Toki No Naka De:
Tomomasa/Yasuaki, Yorihisa/Tenma, Yorihisa/Tenma/Akane

Initial D:
Ryousuke/Keisuke/Takumi – in all possible combinations

Renji/Shuuhei, Renji/Shuuhei/Kira, Renji/Ichigo, Renji/anyone, Matsumoto/anyone,
and MANY OTHERS. How am I supposed to choose when there are so many choices?!
het, yaoi, moresomes - you can hit me with anything here… :P

Final Fantasy VII – AC:
Loz/Yazoo, Loz/Yazoo/Kadaj, Yazoo/Kadaj

Shounen Onmyouji:
Seiryuu/Touda, Touda/Masahiro

Harry Potter:
Harry/Draco, Fred/George, Harry/Hermione

D. Gray-man:
Kanda/Allen/Lavi – and all variations thereof

Fruits Basket:
Yuki/Kyo/Tohru – in all possible combinations


Full Metal Alchemist:
Ed/Al, Ed/Winry

Zombie Loan:


Meine Liebe:
Lui/Naoji, Orphe/Ed, Orphe/Naoji

Weiss Kreuz:
Crawford/Schuldig, Yohji/Aya, Aya/Ken

Kyou Kara Maou:
Conrad/Yuuri/Wolfram - in any combination, Conrad/Gwendal ^^;

Sanzo/Gojyo, Sanzo/Gojyo/Hakkai

Demon Diary:
Eclipse/Raenef V

Princess Princess:

Gundam 00:
Lockon/Allelujah, Lockon/Allelujah/Tieria/Setsuna


Vampire Knight:
Kaname/Yuuki/Zero - in every possible combination


Where are you from, dear visitor?

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Credit where credit is due:

icons with love
realta nala
Miss M



Interests (145):

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