Friday, 20 March 2009 08:15 am
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It's snowing.





no snow allowed after my birthday, damnit.  ._.


Sunday, 6 April 2008 08:50 am
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Please stop. Stop stop stop!


Wednesday, 5 March 2008 07:15 am
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Everything's white outside....

There's a thick layer of snow....


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It's November 15.

There is a thick layer of snow outside. Not a dusting of snow. No, I'm talking about a couple of inches. -.-

And it's still snowing.

Wtf, weather? Making up for the lack of snow last winter? Seriously.
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*SIGH* it's snowing. Again.

It's been a neverending up and down the last three days. It snows, then the sun comes out, melts the snow, clouds come back, aaaand it starts snowing again.

Seriously. -.-"

Anyway. Bleach! I love you. ♥ CUT because thou shalt not spoil the unsuspecting )

On a different note, I really should not look at dirty pretty Naruto pictures... it has unbidden consequences...*cough* Mmmm Kakashi/Iruka *___*....iwillnotgolookforfanficnow, iwillnotgolookforfanficnow, iwillnotgolookforfanficnow, iwillnotgolookforfanficnow, iwillnotgolookforfanficnow, iwillnot...*runs away from the computer*
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It's snowing. In huge, thick, heavy flakes, like I haven't seen ALL WINTER LONG! Everything is white.

If it was December/January/February this would have made me really happy. But snow after my birthday is just...not right.

What the fuck is wrong with you, world?!



Wednesday, 24 January 2007 09:08 am
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I'll probably curse the weather later, but right now....I haven't been this happy to see snow in forever!
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Yes, I'm going on a trip. again. *laughs*

What can I do, I love travelling. As if you didn't know that. *cough* Anyway...

Evil finals weeks from hell are over, but I've been even too tired to write about it. ugh.

But no more of that.

I'm going sking this time. In Gunma prefecture, for those of you who care to look up where that is. ^_^

I'll be back Friday night. And then I'm leaving again on Monday for the next trip. ^^;

[livejournal.com profile] darthanne, [livejournal.com profile] lil_1337, and [livejournal.com profile] meritjubet, your drabbles are actually done, but only written long hand. ^^;
I hope I'll find the time to do that when I get back.

Time for some last minute preparations....*wanders off, whistling*
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Well, we're preparing to leave in one or two hours. We're going to my parents' apartment in the mountains....where there is lots of snow...*squee*

Going snowboarding. *nodnod* *huge grin*

Therefore, I won't be around much until beginning of January.

I will check my email and lj once in a while, though.

Nee-chan, thank you so much for everything! Picture me as a squealing, non-coherent happy girl when I opened your presents. You are crazy, you know..^_^ love youuuuu *smoooooooch*

Iniq-love, that was the best present you could make me. *hugglesnugglecuddle* ^__________^ too bad you couldn't see my face...^_~ I was so surprised!

Happy, happy holiday to all of you!

Now off to finish packing....


Monday, 15 December 2003 05:16 pm
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It's snowing!!


Maybe I shouldn't give up on having a white Christmas...

*runs to the window to look outside again*

short update

Saturday, 11 October 2003 02:19 am
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well, I should get internet at the new place in about 10 days.....*taps fingers impatiently*

camp was ok.... except for the snow... *shudders* we had about 12 inches of snow at the place we were. >.<

gonna go back to bern tomorrow ...er... today. later today. -_-"

*whines* wanna go to y-con, too.....*sobs*

*rubs eyes tiredly* I'm in a really strange mood right now....

EDIT:4.55 a.m. I think I should go to bed now.... e_e


Monday, 7 April 2003 07:34 am
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Ok, faith is being very, very rude right now!

I'm feeling better today. But. But. BUT! what is that freaking white stuff outside? huh?

And no, it is NOT snow. It CAN'T be snow. snow is not allowed here at this time of the year!

*yells* damn snow. get your butt out of my back yard!!!

*rummages through closet to find mittens*



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