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... and not only to wish all of you you a HAPPY NEW YEAR but also to shout out a big THANK YOU to all of those who have made 2011 a richer and more wonderful year for me! ♥♥♥

there have been both lows and highs, but overall it wasn't such a bad year, at all. :D and now? looking forward to the next one!

in that sense...

happiness is...

Sunday, 9 October 2011 01:28 pm
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...coming home and finding....

... a surprise present from [profile] belina ^_~ ♥ your best friend. ♥♥

And not just any present, but a so called "Schultüte" (large cornet of cardboard filled with sweets and little presents given to children in Germany on their first day at school)! :D :D

She made one for me, because I started started school again a few weeks ago (I'm not sure I mentioned it here, but I believe many of you saw it on facebook...)! how sweet is that?!

Thank you again, sweetheart, thank you so much!

And it was so pretty, too.... wanna see?

clicky click! )

I know I've been scarce again... but I dropped my computer broke a couple of weeks ago, and I had to send it in for repairs. I did get a replacement from the nice IT guy at work, but I didn't have my files or my programs, so I didn't spend a whole lot of time online...

I got it back now (and thank god my hard drive and data was all intact), but I've been busy with school, the big scout event that is coming up in November and other stuff, so...^^;;;

Talking of the big scout event... I'm actually off to camp for a week in a couple of hours where we're gonna create/paint the backdrop for the play, do rehearsals and other preparation for the event. It says there's WLAN at the place, but I'm not holding my breath. I do have to go into work on Thursday, but other than that I'll be at camp, fooling around with paint and brushes and plaster and other fun things... *grins* it'll be busy, but at least I get to spend the whole week in the same place as the boy ♥ ^_~

Anyway, gotta finish packing and cleaning and then off I am....

back to black

Friday, 31 December 2010 01:17 am
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over the past year or so, I've been experimenting with my hair color. Thanks to the boy, no less.

I've been dying my hair for about ten years now, and it's mostly been black. pretty much everyone who does know me with my real hair color (with the exception of my dad...^^;) says that 'dark' looks better than the unspectacular mid-ash brown that would be my natural hair. Those who don't know my real hair color usually don't even notice it, unless the roots are showing badly because of my laziness to re-dye. XD

Anyway, the boy has been whining at me to grow the dyed hair out and leave it natural. No. Out of the question (I really dislike my real hair color). But I was willing to compromise and went from black to dark brown, and it wasn't all bad, really. It's a bit softer than the black, especially when freshly dyed, and it's still dark enough not to clash with my beloved red clothes. However, a little while ago I came across a couple of photos where I had my hair all black, and I fell back in love with it. So, the next time I bought dye, I went for the black again.

Now, one good thing though, that came from the experimenting is, that while I was too scared of the black dye to dye my hair myself (black is REALLY black, and any mistake, be it blotches on skin or missed spots in the hair, is just very very visible), I did dare doing it with the dark brown.
That was not a problem. And this time? I DID IT AGAIN. WITH BLACK DYE.

---> IT TURNED OUT FABULOUSLY! ^__________________^ *is very proud of her mad hair dying skills*

thus, not only back to black, but BACK TO SPOTLESS BLACK! Huzzah!


*cough* post-Christmas/New Years entry shall follow tomorrow. er. later today, that is.

bed now, appointment at the dentist in...6 1/2 hours. Yikes.
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I think I kind of forgot to mention this....

the boy and I are going on a weekend escape to London. First time for me, too! ^___________^ *EXCITED*

be back on Tuesday (and probably drowning in work ....^^;)



Wednesday, 10 February 2010 11:58 am
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I JUST got the confirmation that I got the apartment I applied for on Monday. ^__________^

Long story short:

Although I LOVE my apartment in Bern, I got REALLY fed up with commuting (2 hours one way) and, therefore, never being at home since weekends are also spent at the boy's place.

So...about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I started looking for a new apartment, which would be no more than 50 minutes (by public transport) from work and the boy's place, respectively.

And now I've got one. ^____________________________^ *does the uber happy dance* it's a nice place, almost twice the size of the one in Bern, 2 1/2 rooms (which in this case means small bedroom and large living room including a little dining area). There is also a bathtub and a terrasse/garden outside, which were two of my requirements. \0/

Now I need to find someone to take over my old apartment (otherwise I have to pay rent for both places for 3 months...YIKES).

Busy days ahead... (I am also working 100% at the moment...), but oh, oh, OH! EXCITEMENT! NEW PLACE to furnish and DECORATE! Living close to work and the boy (and some of my very close friends including <lj user="belina")! Whaaaaaaaaaa!

happy 2010!

Saturday, 2 January 2010 07:11 pm
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a wonderful and happy new year to all of you, and may your dreams and wishes come true!

I know, I'm rather late with it being the 2nd here already, but new years eve was terribly busy and yesterday was spent in utter and most wonderful laziness with the boy. ^_^♥

however, although I'm late to the party, I didn't come empty-handed.

through the last 1 1/2 years, a particular soundtrack to a german movie called 'einohrhasen' (~"one-eared bunnies") has been my constant companion. I don't know how many times I've woken up and fallen asleep listening to it, and I'm still not tired of it in the least. I fell in love with this soundtrack without having seen the movie (in fact, I didn't watch it until about a week ago, though it turned out to be a great movie, too) after one of my best friends sent me a mix cd to the big scout camp in summer 08 that had two of the songs from the soundtrack on it. I liked them so much that I got the rest of the soundtrack as soon as I got home from camp, listened to it... and couldn't get enough of it.

now, in december, a sequel to einohrhasen, 'zweiohrküken', was released and turns out to have an equally wonderful soundtrack (and guess what... *laughs* I haven't seen the movie yet, either).

so, I thought I'd share some of my favorite music with you, music that is so much part of my life now that I can't imagine it without it.

I hope you enjoy!

Keinohrhasen OST (megaupload)

Zweiohrküken OST (megaupload)


tonight I get to play bar-maid for half the night at a party that the boy's hockey club is hosting. dress code: some sort of costume since january 2 is a holiday in several parts of switzerland and has some local carnival-like customs. ^_^

so, I guess I should get moving and put on some funky clothing and make-up. ^___^

but before I do that, there's a couple of thank yous in order as I found some more christmas cards waiting for me when I went home for a few hours on thursday to drop off christmas presents, and take care of my plants and mail before coming back here to celebrate new years.

thank you so much for the lovely cards, [personal profile] lil_1337, [personal profile] dysis, and [personal profile] gundamnook. also, although ALL the cards I got are wonderful, I can't help but give [personal profile] lil_1337 the top score. *GRINS* as soon as I get home I shall scan and show it off, and you'll know why...

anyway, off to put on war paint....XD

happy holidays

Sunday, 27 December 2009 10:58 pm
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Oh man, what a couple of days it's been.... ^^;

pre-christmas )

christmas in relation to food )

and the non-food events )

yuletide! ^_____^ )

and, of course, cards and presents from you guys have made me very happy, too! many thanks for the lovely cards, [personal profile] just_ruth and marirose, [personal profile] okaasan59, [personal profile] gwy, and [personal profile] nekofreak *hughug*! [personal profile] sharona1x2 and [profile] nereidaia, thank you so much for the presents! They're lovely and yuuuummy ^_~ *snuggles you both*

Back to work tomorrow *sigh*....so I gotta go to bed now. before I head off, though...*grins* temptation was too great.

The First Haraamis
The angels did say
Was to certain poor shepherds
In fields as they lay.

The First Noel
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

*smirks and shimmies off to bed*


Sunday, 21 December 2008 01:16 am
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sucessfully UPLOADED!


bed now!
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So, I think I kinda forgot to mention that I was going to Innsbruck (Austria) this weekend to visit [livejournal.com profile] iniq. ^^;

Anyway, I'm here now. ^____________^

Got here last night, and since I'd been up since very early that morning and [livejournal.com profile] iniq had to get up early for work today, we didn't do much but catch up a bit, discuss The Secret Plan, and then go to bed early.

This morning we got up at about the same time and I brought her to the bus station so I'd know where to take the bus from later. Then I went to the supermarket and got me some breakfast and pizza for tonight.
Went home, had breakfast (yum!) while watching the latest Bleach episode (all caught up now! whoo-hoo!).

After that (and I think we need a big yay! for that :P) I was good and studied for a couple of hours before going out to go shopping (double yay! XD).

Around 5 I went to [livejournal.com profile] iniq's work place to pick her up (although I had a little bus adventure on the way there - the first bus passed me by and on the second I missed to get off in time *cough*), and home we went, loaded with empty boxes for her move later this month.

And now we're sitting in her toasty little room (♥♥♥!), ready to immerse ourselves in bad movies, cool tv series, hot men, chips and salsa, pizza, almdudler, and all the other good stuff we do/watch/eat when I'm here. ^___^

☆ Huzzah! ☆

Monday, 10 November 2008 10:24 am
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☆☆☆☆I signed up for YULETIDE early this morning! ☆☆☆☆

So many possibilities, so many temptations. And all those choices I had to make... I just hope someone else requested the things I had to discard. ^^;

☆ Oh, I'm so excited! ^_____^ Assignments will go out tomorrow *bouncebounce* ☆


Wednesday, 27 August 2008 08:30 am
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OMG, they finally, FINALLY released the Seirei no Moribito opening single SHINE!


I've been waiting for this moment since I heard it for the first time.
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Er... a warning in advance... upon reading what I wrote, I've realized that some of it might sound quite random and disjointed. Feel free to either skip or ask as many questions as you want. ^^; Not sure what's going on in my brain there.


So, I'm back, have been for a couple of days, actually. I've been sneaking around lj here and there, but I haven't really felt like posting. To be honest, I'm still not sure if I feel up to it. I haven't been online much in general, but I also think this break away from the computer was really good for me. Sometimes I feel as I'm missing out on life, spending too much time online. At the moment, all I wanna do is spending time outside or putter around the apartment, do crafty things, cook and bake, visit with my parents and friends, or just watch movies or anime without having to do something (and, of course, there's still the evil papers I need to finish >.<.).
It's not that I don't love and miss people online, on the contrary. And I'm sure that you know that. Right? ^^; I'm just not sure if I don't need to set priorities differently for a while. I'm not gonna disappear. I'm not going on hiatus. And maybe I'll change my mind as soon as the camp euphoria has worn off a bit more. Who knows? I'll probably be around a lot more again once winter keeps me inside again. And as I said, I'm still here. Maybe just not quite as much. Anyway, enough of the emo and on to the facts.... or something like that.

Camp has been an amazing experience - one of the best I've ever had, I think, and I've been to a lot of camps - but I don't think it's possible to convey with words all the feelings that go along with it. I'll give it a try, though. For those of you who got a postcard from me, some of the following might sound familiar... ^_~

I'm gonna do bullet points, because there is really no other decent way to do this... )


Also, tomorrow afternoon, [livejournal.com profile] nereidaia is arriving from Germany and she's gonna stay for about 10 days. ^__________^
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5.45 am, my stereo system goes on with music I know will make me happy. I turn around, sleepily, basking in the knowledge that I don't have to get up just yet. It's already light outside and you can hear a bird's voice now and then. Other than that it's pretty quiet because it's Saturday.

I spend the next 45 minutes dozing lightly, snuggled under my covers because the window is open and the air washing is cool and fresh, the music a soft background noise.

6.30 - I roll over and get my laptop so I can check email, torrents, and lj. At 5 to 7 I decide I'm up for a run, so I get up and ready. I leave the house at 10 past 7. It's still nice and cool outside, but warm enough for shorts and sleeveless shirt. The sky is a happy summer blue, and the sun paints patterns on houses and streets, wherever it can reach. I have to go back inside once more because I forgot my sunglasses, but then I'm ready and off I go through the streets past apartment buildings and sweet little houses with deep green gardens, along fields, through a little forrest and a park, and then back. On the way I pass a little bakery that's already open, with a couple of tables outside, and I think that one morning I should go have breakfast there. I have to laugh to myself when I come by a middle aged lady in a morning robe, who's walking around her garden, bending down a couple of times to talk to her plants (seriously! XD). And above all I'm enjoying the sun and the crisp air that smells wonderfully like morning.

I get back home about 35 minutes later, ready for a shower (because ew, sweaty!). I shower, get dressed, and write this entry. And now I'm hungry and going to make breakfast. ^_^

*sigh* now I just wish I could spend the rest of the day in the same manner, but I've got a paper to write. Ugh. Evil, evil, EVIL.

off to camp

Saturday, 10 May 2008 08:33 am
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The weather is still gorgeous and supposed to stay like this for the rest of the weekend.

It's a long holiday weekend here in Switzerland extending all through Monday. ^___^

I agreed to go cook in one of the scout camps, so off I am into the woods.

Man, it's been ages since I last slept in a tent. XD Haha, I'm getting old. When I was still active in the scouts, I would do that several times a year, actually. ^^,

Anyway, I'm all excited, especially since the weather is so nice.

Have a good weekend, everyone! ♥
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First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUZU! ♥!
*smooch* I hope you have a wonderful day. ^_^


As for anything else...here be bullets for you )

*waves byebye* night night
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If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.
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happiness )

And of course last, but not least, to everyone who celebrates it a...


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And yes, I am procrastinating. Nothing new, I know, but I felt the need to share. *cough* Moving on.

Now, I could whine and complain about how busy I am and such, and there are things in my life that I wish would just go away, but I much prefer to share happy things. So, the happy you get. And in bullets, too! ^___^

things that have made me happy recently )
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[livejournal.com profile] sakura59is here. ^____^ And she's staying for roughly two weeks. So, I probably won't be around much. I'll still check email regularly, though, so if you're looking for me or if there's something important in your lj just drop me a line.

After a long train ride for the both of us yesterday, we took it quite easy today, did loads of laundry, went shopping for a little bit (mostly food *grins*), and the rest was spent talking and catching up.
It still feels somewhat unreal that she's really, really here with me. ^_______^ *happyhappy*

Tomorrow we're off to explore Switzerland a bit. I hope the weather is gonna be nice enough. *crosses fingers*

*hugs all around* Because the happiness must be shared. ♥


Thursday, 24 May 2007 09:27 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] gwy is love!

♥ ♥ ♥


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