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Good morning, lovelies! ♥

I feel like sharing the view from my office in Bern )

Also, I went to see Tangled yesterday (unfortunately, it was only being shown in German -.-"). OMG, what fun! ^____^ I laughed so much and I'd like to see it again. I'm not sure if the 3D was really necessary, but I just LOVED some of the characters (pascal, maximus ♥! and of course the two lovebirds ♥).


Wednesday, 4 October 2006 08:40 am
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Heh. I'm moving back to Bern today... My little brother and one of his friends are helping me. ^^;

Did I mention that I own a lot of stuff? *massive sweatdrop*


I've been insanely busy - once again - this weekend with the fall festival and helping out at the site of my beloved scouts. >_> They needed a LOT of help.

I also spent some quality time with my bro yesterday, gaming. I introduced him to the finer skills of playing FFX...He started the game a while ago but ...*snickers* man, some of his characters are a mess. XD the good boy thought it was a good idea using the expert sphere board before having played with the standard one. *cough* The results are...interesting. *pets poor Lulu and Tidus who's off even worse*

Anyway. Gotta go pack the rest of my crap. ugh....

I think I need an icon for MOVING....>.<.
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Well, we're leaving in about half an hour. With all my stuff. ^____^

I'm MOVING! *happy dance*

I won't be around much for the next two weeks since internet connection at the new place is not set up yet... ;_;

I will check my mail once in a while at work, though. ^__^

And off I am...*grins*
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Yay! I found someone who is willing to share her apartment with me.

My room is not too big, but still ok. There's a tiny kitchen, a bathroom with a bathtub, and roomie's bedroom. Unfortunately there's no living room...-_-

The apartment is not too far away from the uni and the trainstation, so I should be fine.

Roomie seems to be a nice person, same age, law student, and originally from the same area like me.

Let's see if I can convert her to....erm... anime. yeah. Anime...*cough*

Well, I'm off for now. Gonna see PotC today *bounce*. Um, yeah, I know I'm behind...-_-". Not my fault, really.


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