first entry...

Sunday, 13 December 2009 11:25 pm
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...with newly installed semagic...

yes, my friends, I have a new computer )

update in which I attempt to briefly cover iniq's visit, work, a trip to japan, yuletide, and some recent highlights )

christmas.... just as the weather's turned a bit more christmassy (read cold with the occasional dust of snow ^^;), I'm also making progress with presents and cards, so this is the last call for signing up. The post in question is >>>HERE<<<. ^___^

on the same note, it's also time to say THANK YOU... ^__^

1) to [profile] whimsy_chan for the lovely christmas card. It's the first one that's arrived, so it's very special. ^_^ *smoooooch* thank you, Lady!

2) to [profile] kedriaa. there are no words to describe my surprise and happiness, and just how much it means to me. he's absolutely adorable! ^_______________________^ thank you so much! *snugsnug* ♥♥ *makes the puppets dance and dances with them*

and now... definitely time for bed. *sleeeeeepy*
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It's this time of the year again... I can't believe how fast it went! ^^; and stuff...*grins* I actually did start out early this year even though I haven't made this post until now...which is why some people are already receiving things unannouncedly. ^^;

Anyway, like every year, here are my lists. If it says I have your address, but if you have moved since last Christmas, would you be so kind and comment with your new address? I might already have it, but I want to make sure I really do have the right one.

You, I have your address and you're getting/have already something Christmassy anyway: )

You, I want to write you a card, but don't have your address (for whatever reason...^^;): )

☆ Anyone else who would like a card, please leave your address in a comment (screened, of course) or send it to my email (in my profile). ☆

Oh, and obviously, if you're on one of the lists but don't want a card, let me know. ^_~ However, if it's already on its way... too bad :P

does it ever end?

Monday, 12 October 2009 07:39 am
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I'm all packed up and ready to leave. again.


this time, however, I'm not going for myself. I'm doing this as a favor to my dad who really needed someone to cook at confirmation camp. since he's been doing me all kinds of favors this year (taking care of me while writing my thesis, looking after my mail while I was abroad, getting my train pass sorted out etc.) I felt I couldn't say no, even though all I really wanna do at the moment is stay at home and....just be at home XD (and get everything sorted out and organized - god, what a mess it is at the moment...>.<.). it's not that I don't like confirmation camp. it's always a lot of fun (albeit a lot of work, too), and I usually love doing it. I'm sure I'll be fine once I get there, but right now, I just really don't want to leave...^^;;

anyway, I did get home safely and in once piece (and with all my luggage, though I seem to have forgotten one of my books on the airplane *sniffle* darn it. most of my packages have arrived, as well (thanks again, [personal profile] damoyre ♥!), so there are piles of books now on the floor, waiting to be put...someplace I haven't figured out yet away *cough*. my plants are still alive (minus my basil, but I expected that, and even though my jasmin is a bit lopsided now because one side kinda died...^^;). Also, fall has definitely arrived (with me...XP) with cold, rainy weather (naturally, after an unusually dry, very warm september while I was gone)...

I spent the weekend with the boy and my family (including my brother's girlfriend - omg, she's so adorable ♥). they all came to Bern for my graduation and then spent the night so we could celebrate my dad's birthday on saturday with a nice brunch at their hotel. ^__^

I am also officially graduated now, with graduation ceremony, getting my diploma handed over by the dean and a really fancy dinner at a wonderful restaurant, courtesy of my parents! Yay! ^_^

Anyway, I'm hoping to get some of the pictures sorted out this week (dear lord, there are so many), so I can start posting soon (though I'm still missing a good part of Belina's pics from our roadtrip, so that will have to wait).

Huge thanks again to EVERYONE who made my trip such a great, wonderful, and absolutely unforgettable experience! *hugs&smooches* to (in order of visiting) all my wisconsin folks, Merith, Tracy, Hexie, [personal profile] blue_soaring, [personal profile] ponderosa, Nonny, Belina, Tralla, Sharon, DC, [personal profile] damoyre, [personal profile] suzu, [personal profile] okaasan59, Dense, [profile] muskrit, [personal profile] nekofreak, [personal profile] windsorblue, Kara, and Lil! Thank you so much for everything. ♥♥♥
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I just got back from an early 4-mile morning run (not early by my usual standards, but still early enough) through sunny downtown Berkeley, took a nice long shower, and now I'm sitting on my makeshift bed in the living room, enjoying the quiet, the sun and the crisp morning air coming through the window. [personal profile] windsorblue, [personal profile] nekofreak, and [profile] thejennabides are still asleep - or at least unmoving... *grin*

so, yes, our own private little gathering - so-called 'non-con' since I can't make it to Y-Con this year, either - is underway, and to say we're having an absolutely wonderful time is probably and understatement. ^_______^ *happyhappy* I mean, how could spending time with these lovely lovely ladies be anything but wonderful?

Today we're going into San Francisco - Japantown and some other, more touristy places, ... but right now, a nice cup of tea is in order, I think. I shall try to prepare it quietly....or maybe I should make some noise to get things going. *smirk*
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Happy Birthday, [personal profile] nekofreak! I hope you have a most wonderful day! *snugsnug*

I'm leaving Vancouver today, heading down to Seattle to meet up with [profile] belina and [profile] aka_anonymous. [profile] belina and I are going to take off from there for our 10-day road trip down Oregon coast and then East to Yellowstone and Grand Teton. ^_____________^

Talking about Vancouver, Salmon Arm and other delightful places in Canada, and, of course, my wonderful hosts [personal profile] dysis, [personal profile] yuukihikari, and [profile] hexadecimal00 shall happen later...once I get those pictures sorted through and uploaded.

Question of the day

Saturday, 22 August 2009 07:23 am
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What the heck is a hoodoo?

Hexie and I were instantly fascinated by the word and spent a good part of today trying to find out. We succeeded in the end, but before we reveal the answer (and tell you the story of our exploration) we would very much like to hear your theories. *grins*
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I'm leaving from Edmonton for Golden, BC, in a couple of minutes to see my friend Danny and meet up with Hexie!

Hexieeeee! Here I come! ^________________^
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I'm going up north to the cottage with my host mom and dad until Tuesday night, so no internets for me during that time...

I'm really hoping for good weather so I can go swimming... a bit of summer, please? I just love it up there and being able to go swimming would make it just perfect.

see you when I get back. ♥

I'm so lazy...

Wednesday, 22 July 2009 11:02 pm
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huh... I guess I should post a little update since I've already been here for almost a week....*cough*

I haven't really felt like going near the computer in general and if it was only to check my email quicklyl, so that's why you haven't really heard from me in a while... I'm still not really in the mood (not sure why) but I thought I probably should make some noises once in a while. *grins*
Milan was hot, omg, so hot and humid and loud, so I didn't get much sleep that night. I did have the most delicious ice cream, though. Real Italian gelato. YUM. I also got to Chicago just fine, but honestly, US immigrations are a pain in the butt...-.-" and, of course, I got The Line That Does Not Move, as usual :P. no luggage missing, though, so that's a plus.

It was the most wonderful feeling, however, that while flying here, there was nothing in my bag that needed to be done. no readings, no papers, nothing. ^_^ And that feeling continues as I'm spending my days here, only doing what I want and like to do: spending a lot of time with my friends and my host family (especially my host mom), shopping (so many new clothes YAY! I do know why I brought hardly any with me. XD) , reading (I already finished the newest Anita Blake book ^____^), sleeping, being VERY lazy, working out, going to movies, rummage saling etc. The weather could be a bit warmer and less rainy (the way it was before I got here...-.-), but hey, that's Wisconsin for you. XD I did get to sunbathe for a couple of hours, though.

I know I owe a few people emails, especially about upcoming visitings, but I think I should get to that at the weekend at the latest. Promise.

And now I'm going outside to read and enjoy the sun (that's been teasing me, hiding behind the clouds for the last few hours) before [profile] gunnm_angel is coming to pick me up. ^_^


Tuesday, 7 July 2009 12:04 pm
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I am done with school. over. finito. finis.

I can't believe it. o.O

Official graduation will be in October. ^_^

MA thesis defense

Tuesday, 7 July 2009 08:32 am
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starts in 1 1/2 hours...

god, I can't remember the last time I was this nervous (I'm usually not nervous before presentations and if it's neglectable)...

I just don't know what to expect. At all.


this and that...

Sunday, 21 June 2009 08:47 pm
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Happy belated Birthday, [personal profile] nee_chan!

*snuggleloves* I hope you had a fabulous day, Lady! ♥♥♥


The boy and I got back from Germany a couple of hours ago, where we spent the weekend at the house where my grandparents used to live. It now belongs to my dad and his siblings, but they are trying to sell it, so I really wanted to see everything one more time before it's gone.
There are so many happy memories tied to that place where we used to spend almost every summer vacation since I was born until I was about 20 years old. I had a really hard time leaving today, knowing it might have been the last time ever in my life. : (

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't exactly nice, so we couldn't really spend any time down at the lake, swimming and sunbathing. But on the other hand, I got to meet up with [personal profile] gwy on Saturday while visiting Munich (which is about an hour from the house). ^____^
It made me so very happy to be able to see her again, even though it was way too short to really catch up. I'm definitely planning to go see her for an entire weekend as soon as I get the time. ♥♥ So, Saturday was wonderful with shopping and eating (an incredible amount of) sushi and being with two people I love. ^_^

The coming two weeks I'm working full time to get enough hours so I can take off from work until November. Yay! for upcoming trips and vacation! \o/

...BUT it has to be earned. XD I've still got a paper to finish (a short one, about 15 pages, and I've got a third written already) and then I need to prepare my presentation for the defense of my thesis, which is taking place on July 7.

And after that I will be free. For real (except for the administrative stuff I have to take care of in order to graduate)...

So, my life's still busy but not half bad, I think. ^___^

about that thesis....

Wednesday, 17 June 2009 08:13 pm
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I handed it in about 2 hours ago.

I can't quite believe it just yet....

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I've been staying with my parents since yesterday where I'm being cared for and don't have to do stuff like cooking and cleaning etc. so I can fully concentrate on finishing my thesis.

(of course, when usually staying here, I do help out with household chores, but I've been exempt for this special situation...^^;)

It's 9.30am, I've been sitting at my desk since about 6.30am... and now my dad just brought me a huge bowl of fresh cherries to cheer me up - and with 'fresh' I mean in a 'he-just-picked-them-from-the-tree' sense of fresh. ;_; <-- *tears of joy*


and just a short update on the DLAB/DLI-website issue from my last post: the DLI emailed my back (yay!) and provided me with a link to the (more recent and printversion- double yay!) FULL PROGRAM CATALOG in pdf-format. So now I can even cite it as a printed source (triple yay!), which is much better.
lucky me!

thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. ♥♥ I love you guys! (<-- A/N this exclamation mark has been used with special regard to the ever lovely [personal profile] iniq ^^; happy now, honey-bunny? :P)


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, cherries...... *_*
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...and making me use capslock due to FRUSTRATION! -.-"

more specifically, the culprit is the Defence Language Institute for Foreign Languages.

This institution has been using a language aptitude test (the Defence Language Aptitude Test - DLAB) to select students for their language programs. Over the last few months, I accessed their site several times to obtain information on minimum score requirements for particular languages, and, naturally, correctly cited the website in my thesis.

when I went to access the URL containing the information today... IT WAS GONE!

The main site appears to have a new layout, as well, and THERE IS NO INFORMATION REGARDING THE DLAB TO BE FOUND ANYMORE on the entire page. No admission requirements are listed any longer, either, and there isn't even a SINGLE MENTION of the DLAB.

WTF happened?!

o.O this is so not funny.

I mean, I still got the original website saved on my comp and it it is still accessible through Google cache...

but I can't really cite a source that doesn't really exist, now can I?! The information is still available on Wikipedia, but I CANNOT CITE WIKIPEDIA IN MY THESIS!
and this ONE WEEK BEFORE THE DEADLINE! it couldn't have happened a week later, no? because then I'd simply say...'not my problem, it was still there when I printed this.'


I did contact the DLI by email to ask what's going on, but I'm not holding my breath to get an answer in time.


Anyway, back to writing...or maybe lunch first. yes, lunch sounds good.

...just another day

Tuesday, 9 June 2009 10:31 am
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dear people who like to invent things,

please to be working on a thesis-that-writes-itself ASAP!

Yours truly,

a currently rather frustrated would-be customer

also, bullet points because I like them. :P  )


Wednesday, 3 June 2009 09:05 pm
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  • my internet connection has been extremely wonky over the last week or so, going out every other hour or so and telling me there was no connectivity (no network problem, though) and I had to reset the modem every time in order to get it back. today I finally got really sick of it and called my provider. turns out my modem is really old and I'll be getting a new one within the next 3 or 4 working days (which means roughly monday -.-). I NEED THE INTERNET TO WRITE MY THESIS, DAMNIT!

  • shortly after that phone call I was so fed up with the whole thing that I turned off the comp, packed up all my stuff (including books and two big binders with copies of my sources, as well as the spoilable contents of my fridge) and left the house about 45 minutes later to board the next train to Zurich

  • So, I'm at the boy's place now and I'm probably gonna stay here all through Sunday, even though it was planned that I'd stay in Bern for the weekend to work on my thesis, because although he is really good about letting me work, just knowing he's in the other room and I've got to be good and work for hours and hours on the damn paper....-.-"

  • to top it off, my dvd-burner is not burning right anymore and it's got problems reading dvds, too... whereas burning/reading CD-Rs with the same device works just fine.o.O... And that means I have to call DELL tomorrow and work this out. grr! I hate calling support services.

  • However, in happier news, I caught up on Eden of the East... aww, I just love this show, but I couldn't tell you why...

  • the latest episode of 07-Ghost will be for breakfast tomorrow *happy*

  • I booked the last domestic flight for my trip today. Huzzah! now it's only bus tickets and rental car cost.

  • the boy forgot to water the flowers... they are now quite funny looking as half still reaches into the remaining water and is therefore alive while the other not. XD

  • the boy's mom has started to buy me presents...which amuses me and makes me happy, too

  • [personal profile] iniq is absolutely fabulous! ♥♥... and also quite insane. ♥

  • the boy is out for hockey practice so I should make good use of the time and work a little more on my thesis...

  • the view of the sunset is simply spectacular right now ^__^

my thesis...

Wednesday, 3 June 2009 09:24 am
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...while I find the topic extremely interesting and I absolutely love reading and talking about it....

I'm so goddamn sick of having to write about it.



three weeks to impact...

Thursday, 28 May 2009 08:59 am
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alive? I do believe so... )
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I'm looking for a book, or better, for about 8 pages from a book, which I haven't been able to find so far, neither in Switzerland, Austria, nor Germany. >.<.

Keyser, D.J. and R.C. Sweetland (Eds.), "Test critiques" (Volume III). Kansas City, MO: Test Corporation of America, 1989.

The article in this book I'm looking for ist the following: Stansfield, C.W. Review of the Pimsleur language aptitude battery. pp. 438-445

Would you be so kind as to check whether this book is available to you and if yes, could you scan the pages in question and email them to me?

[EDIT] GOT IT! ^_____________________^
a huge thank you to everyone else who took the time to look. You guys rock!


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