Friday, 21 October 2011

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Bleach, oh Bleach... after all these years, I still love you so dearly...♥

^_^ Back in 2004, I got to watch the first episode of Bleach as it aired, as I was in Japan then, staying with a host family whose daughter liked anime quite well...

after that, it's been on and off with Bleach for me... for a time I actually watched as it aired - while I was in Japan, of course, but also at home, downloading as soon as the episode came online and watching it as soon as possible.

but a lot of times, I would also accumulate a bunch of episodes (no time to watch right a way, and then I was suddenly so behind I wasn't able to really catch up...) and then watch them in marathon fashion.

so, sometime last year, (or the year before? ^^;) I left off at about episode 250...(after marathoning about 50 episodes if I remember right...).

last weekend? yeah, I suddenly felt the intense NEED to watch Bleach again. I downloaded all the episodes I was missing in one day (around 60 - there are 343 out - XD the mind somewhat boggles at this number...) and started watching again.

and as everytime before, I'm once again totally caught up in it, enthralled by it, in love with it. ^__^ I watched almost 50 episodes since last Saturday...XD

AND IT'S THE BIG BATTLE NOW (er...again after the Zanpakutou arc cut in between)... :D

and what made me write this entry? they just had an episode, where they summarized all of Ichigo's important battles... and that made me realize just how long I've been watching and loving this show. ♥♥♥

And that just makes me happy. ^_^

A/N: maybe I should have said this from the beginning... today was a particularly good day to watch Bleach, as it's easier to watch TV when holding an ice pack to your jaw than doing anything else that requires both hands (computer, turning pages on a book, cleaning etc.)...

I had some dental surgery this morning (they had to cut off the tip of the root of one of my teeth because it kept getting infected, even after I had a root canal done on that tooth, within my jaw bone. -.-" so, she actually had to drill a hole into the bone in order to remove the offending tip and the inflamed tissue around it (which apparently almost resembled a cyst...) and then fill it with something that can't get inflamed....

I really really hope this does the trick this time, as this is the tooth I had a root canal done 6 years ago, had said root canal revised (aka filling removed and redone!) last winter because it had gotten inflamed, and then had to go back to the dentist again a couple of weeks ago because there was yet another inflammation. -.-"

So, I'm on pain killers now and feeling as if someone has punched me in the face. *sigh*

anyway, enough of yucky teeth stories... there's still stuff I need to do and there is also a birthday party the boy and I need to show up tonight - at least for a little while. ^^;


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