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[hahaha... I didn't get around posting this on Monday (when I finally got home after 10pm), and totally forgot about it yesterday. ^^; so, you get it today...]

Monday morning, 10.30 am, and I'm sitting on the train back from a wonderful weekend in Frankfurt where [personal profile] iniq and I stayed at [personal profile] gwy's place.

Much fun was had - as usual *grins* - which among other things featured : shopping, walking around the cute little Christmas market, eating lots of yummy food, watching Sherlock (I had put off watching the last episode because I didn't want it to end!), 100 days of Summer, and (omg) Glee(eeeeeeeeeeeeee) (hahaha, I'm so hooked. XD Got all the episodes from [personal profile] gwy, so I shall indulge in this new found pleasure rather sooner than later), sitting around the kitchen table chatting, having cake and tea at a lovely lovely café called Iimori with one of [personal profile] gwy's friends (who is also lovely, btw), visiting two of the sites that [personal profile] gwy is working on, and and and.... though time was MUCH TOO SHORT, as always.

Didn't get to watch Merlin and fangirl about it *sadface*... but I'll probably watch the last two episodes again as soon as I get the chance. So GOOD. *_*

In order to gain a bit more time to spend with the girls, I took another half day off so I could take the train back in the morning, but I'm nowhere near ready to face reality and work that are waiting for me in about 2 1/2 hours. >.<

Also, this week is gonna be... interesting. Every night except Tuesday I've got something going on (though most of it should be fun), and there are still more Christmas cards and presents to be written/bought/made and sent out... I also need to get my apartment tidied up (god, does it ever need it), and get some paperwork done that is way overdue. And write my Yuletide story (I actuay STARTED on that already, though I haven't gotten very far yet). Oh, and somewhere in between, laundry also wouldn't be a bad idea. Or sleep. Maybe. XP

Awwwww! Just saw a couple of deer running across the field. Yes that needed mentioning. *smirk*

There are more things I should probably mention, but I'm running out of time and frankly, I also don't know where to start anymore. that's the thing with being absent from LJ for long amounts of time - you have so much to tell that you don't know what to say. ~.~

[Edit as of Wednesday morning] There IS something I have to mention! THANK YOU, [profile] merith, [personal profile] gundamnook, and [personal profile] ronsoftie for the lovely Christmas cards! ♥ ♥ ♥!


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